Waffles & Coisas
The real handmade waffles with the best ingredients made by Belgians.

Original Flavors

We stand out for the quality of our unusual flavors, in order to provide our customers with the best experiences.

Perfect match for every time of year

If there’s one thing that can’t be missed in the celebrations of the year, it’s special Waffles!

Stay tuned, because for each celebration we have a special menu. (Valentine’s Day, Think Pink, Easter, Christmas, etc).

Customizable Orders

Take a break, eat a real Waffle de Liége.
Small packaged Liége waffles for customers or employees, perfect for a coffee break!

We make custom waffles with your company name and logo.

Waffle you, Waffle me

The movie of our life.
Because, at Waffles & Coisas, everything changes.
Every day.

About Us

A recipe with a unique Belgian touch!
Our secret cannot be revealed, but we give flavors that will whet your appetite.


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