About Us

We were born and raised in Belgium, 14 years of experience in Portuguese gastronomy.

We were born and raised in Belgium, only Bertrand has the fantastic experience of having worked for more than 14 years in the Portuguese food sector.
WAFFLES & COISAS was born as a way to connect people and share cultural diversity. Nothing better than our Belgian waffles shared in a country as wonderful as Portugal. Waffles, Belgian chocolate and speculoos make the perfect combination of a delicious Belgian snack.

In our foodtruck, you can not only taste, but also smell the real Belgian artisanal Brussels waffle and Liège Waffle.
For the kids, we also have waffles on a stick called a lollywaffle.

All 3 have 3 different doughs, come and try it!

About Us

A recipe made from scratch, with a unique Belgian touch!
Our secret cannot be revealed, but we provide clues that will whet your appetite.


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